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ICID (Indian Centre for Integrated Development)

ICID is the foundation within India that Dare2Dream directly supports. For more information on the foundation and their projects, please follow the link below.


They provide support and care for children who:


  • live on the street

  • are begging and rag picking

  • are engaged in paid work

  • are abandoned/orphaned/lost/missing/run away/trafficked

  • are/have been abused/exploited

  • are/have been neglected

  • are/have been in distress

  • victims of substance abuse

  • have a disability

  • have dropped out of school

  • are in conflict with law

  • are living with/affected by HIV/AIDS


Their programs include:


  • YuvaJyothi – Care and Support Centre for Children On the Street

  • Asha: education and capacity building of slum children

  • Deepshika

  • NirmilJyothi – Centre for children in beggary and rag picking

  • Manini – Sustainable development through livelihood interventions among urban poor women


  • Summer Camps

  • Life Skill Education  

  • BalManch

  • Health awareness and check-up camps

  • Grahini Training


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