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The Dare 2 Dream Foundation runs numerous programs in partnership with ICID.

The video on this page presents the story of Mumta Tejaran, an Indian woman who took part in our Manini 1 project, who shares her story of learning and empowerment she achieved through Dare 2 Dream. 

For more information on our other projects, please click on the links below.


Yuva Jyothi 

The Juva Jyothi Centre was established in 2006 by Fr. Herald D’Souza. Since 2007, supporters from Australia who later formed Dare2Dream have been providing assistance to Yuva Jyothi, a childrens home that helps kids to have a better future.



The centre is situated at Tulsi Nagar, near the dumping yard in Lakkad Ganj zone of Nagpur city. The programme focuses on the adolescent girls for personal and family hygiene/health care, making them confident in decision making and enhances their life skills.


Nirmal Jyothi

This project has been in operation for a number of years but Dare2 Dream has partnered the Indian Centre for Integrated Development since 2012. The focus of this program is to break the chain of beggary and ragpicking, improve health and hygiene conditions and provide access to education for slum dwelling children.



A sustainable development initiative. Established in 2012, Manini projects aims to break the cycle of poverty by its focus on sustainable development through livelihood intervention among poor urban women.


Manini 1 - sewing


Manini 2 - The Goat Project

Manini 3 - The Goat Project (continuation)

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