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The Dare2Dream Foundation has recently joined with the Science Technology Engineering Maths Social Enterprise Learning (STEMSEL) Foundation to start a project with the boys from Yuva Jyothi.


On Sunday, October 18th, the first STEMSEL Inventors Club took place at Yuva Jyothi. The club is run to help educate students on programming and logical thinking,. Its aim is to prvide a greater understanding of the technological world we live in and how we can use our knowledge of programming to fix world problems. Each week the boys will be led by a mentor from eLabtronics who will teach them lots of new information as they participate in hands-on activity that is fun and interesting.


The STEMSEL Foundation works towards improving the future of children through expanding their knowledge in science, technology, engineering and maths and encourgaing them to dream for a brighter future, no matter their background.












"Digital STEMSEL (Science Technology Engineering Maths Social Enterprise Learning) Foundation is a not-for-profit organization run by university students from fields of engineering and business that is dedicated to teaching the next generation about building blocks of modern economy, ie microchip applications and programming , with strong emphasis on Social Enterprise Learning.


We believe that we can make a significant contribution to achieving the goal of "The World without poverty" by creating a large number of Social Enterprise Ambassadors to promote the vision of Dr Yunus' micro finance social business helping billions of people living in poverty to earn their way out of it. In order to achieve this we aim to implement Social Enterprise Learning in schools and universities across Australia and the rest of the world.


STEMSEL Foundation uses a unique language to talk to microchips , to make the programming of microchips simpler so that primary school students in developing and developed countries can use their creativity to Design Build and Program their own micro-controller projects. One day they can use these skills to make a $100 rice cooker or a $100 million Jet Fighter (JSF)! STEMSEL Foundation supports people who aspire to be Social Business Ambassadors to start micro-enterprises in Kyrgyzstan, India, Brunei, Malaysia, Australia, USA to reduce poverty." 


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