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Would you like the chance to change the life of underpriviliged child? Sponsor a child through Dare2Dream and help support their journey to becoming a normal child. Sponsors receive information twice a year on the progress of the child and even a hand made card at Christmas Time!


At the cost of less than 70c a day, you can help a child achieve their dreams!


Please contact us for further details or look through the sponsorship form below.

Child Sponsorship Form 


23 women from the small village of Bothali, Nagpur district, have been chosen to participate in a goat raising program, one of several vehicles identified for generating income and boosting livelihoods.


Manini 2 has ensured that the participants have had high quality instruction from veterinarians regarding feed management, vaccination, breeding, and the care of pregnant goats.


If you'd like the help with this program or just have a secret love for goats, sponsor one of the goats, the program or for an education session for their handlers to ensure they have the best chance.


Goat Sponsorship Form



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