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As the world goes through an unprecedented global pandemic, we have received an update from our partners at ICID.

India is currently in Phase 3 of pandemic in which the virus has reached the community level and the number of cases are increasing rapidly. With everything in lock down, there is no transportation and people have been forced to walk hundreds of kilometres home. 

An Indian doctor working with COVID patients recently stated 'Social distancing is a privilege - it means you live in a house large enough to practice it. Hand washing is a privilege too - it means you have access to running water. Hand sanitisers are a privilege as well - you have money to buy them. Lockdowns are a privilege - it means you can afford to be at home... Many Indians won't be able to do any of this.' 

Our partners, ICID, have been placed in complete lock down. All team members are on leave and with their families. The children at Yuva Jyothi are locked down with no visitors and no one allowed to leave, apart from Fr Harry. 

However, even in the face of everything, ICID has continued some work to help support those that are suffering and cannot provide for themselves during this time. Fr Harry, along with other volunteers, have travelled to distribute raw food packets to identified families in need. So far, they have helped over 100 families.

To continue in this support of those in the most need, ICID will need donations. We understand that everyone is struggling at the moment but if you are in the position to help, any form of donation will be appreciated. 

UPDATE 24/4/2020

The ICID team has been working flat out in the last few weeks to help support the people of Nagpur. A mobile kitchen has now been set up  to help serve 2000 meals a day - consisting of rice, Dahl and vegetable curry.  The boys at Yuva Jyothi are pitching in to help prepare the food and it is being distributed by other volunteers under police supervision. Further grocery kits have also been assembled to help needy families.


Head on over to ICID's Facebook Page for more updates!

UPDATE 2/5/2021

As COVID cases ramp up in India, the ICID team have created a free home sanitation and free ambulance transport service for the community in Nagpur, India. Dare2Dream are committed to keeping the community safe with services as the virus spreads. 

The children and staff of the Yuva Jyothi home are all safe with no active infections. See the latest Newsletter update for further details to see how the Children have been given COVID-19 awareness training. 


Head on over to ICID's Facebook Page for more updates!

Help us help those who are desperate during these times 

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