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Manini 2 - 'The Goat Project'

The Manini 2 project was initiated in the village Bothali, of Nagpur district, in 2014 to increase economic independence of the women through sustainable livelihood interventions.  This was done by providing 23 families with goats and the animal husbandry knowledge required to care for them. These goats became not only a source of income but a source of much needed nutrition in these famiies as well.

This project also provide motivational and educational sessions for the participants - encouraging women to take on leadership roles within the community and to promote safe and happy home lives. Additional training sessions provided for the village included in home training management, livestock upkeep, social and legal protection, promotion of livelihood interventions and life skill education.


The project has made a successful impact in the lives of women by increasing rights awareness, enhancing their skills and knowledge, and for 23 women and their families, initiating an income generating activity of goat rearing. 

Dare 2 Dream is currently looking into starting this program in another village in need - if you would like to support this project by sponsoring a goat, please click here.

Some of the important results of this project within the last two project years include:

  • At the end of 2016, 42 women in the Bothali project village are proud owners of 205 goats, worth approx. INR820,000/ ($16000 AUD)

  • 13 families sold 23 full grown male goats for an average of INR6000/- each ($110AUD)

    • This money was then used to purchase tailoring machines, cooking gas kits, groceries for an entire year and seeds for farming .

    • Others used the money for house repairs, educations, medical expenses and family celebrations

  • 90% of the women participated in the social and legal protection training - these sessions help to inform them of their rights, particularly in regards to gender discrimination and domestic violence.

  • Women in the villages have come together to prohibit gambling and have successfully put an end to it.

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