Report of a visit to Nagpur  

September 2014

Emily Bain and Andrew Shepherd, Dare 2 Dream Committee members, visited our partner organsiation, the Indian Centre for Integrated Development (ICID) in Nagpur, India from the 18th - 21st September, 2014.


Both enjoyed their visit, and the opportunity to monitor the progress of ICID programs/projects - particularly the Yuva Jyothi Children's Home, where they stayed as  formally registered volunteers, an improved process which was not formally in place when both visited several years earlier. The Yuva Jyothi Children's Home continues to house approximately 40 children (boys), with a number of girls being supported at  the Providence school as boarders; the total number of children fluctuates, with arrivals and departures for a variety of reasons.


The key differences/improvements observed by Emily and Andrew since their last visits included that with an increased number of ICID employees, the Yuva Jyothi children are especially well behaved, well-settled and adhere, with the help of the older children and staff, to clear daily routines. It was pleasing to see that the Children's Home has been painted and was quite well kept, as were the children. Most children continue to go to Hindi medium schools and many are achieving exceptionally. Following some 'play' time in the afternoon, supervised school homework in the early evening, and dinner, the children are now settled in bet at a very reasonable hour. The children certainly appeared well cared for physically and emotionally. They continue to be grateful for 'little thing' - such as some additional play equipment, games, sweets and stickers from Australia. They have very few personal possessions, many with only 1 or 2 outfits. The children would benefit from further sporting equipment, and clothing, given that often these items have a 'short lifespan', being shared by 40-50 children at a time.





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