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Manini 3 

The Manini 3 project was initiated in the villages of Ghoti, Benduli, Bothali and Petichua of the Nagpur district, in 2017 to increase economic independence of the women through sustainable livelihood interventions.


This project is a continuation and expansion of our Manini 2 project, a program that proved highly successful - you can read more about the outcome of this program here.


These villages were chosen based on their severe disadvantaged position in hopes of providing families with a source of nutrition, work and a sustainable income. The four villages have a total of 243 families with a total population of 1045 with 32% living below the poverty line. Our project will provide 20 families with goats and the animal husbandry knowledge required to care for them. These goats became not only a source of income but a source of much needed nutrition in these families as well. This project will also assist with creating work for the families in vegetable production in their own backyards to improve nutrition and provide additional income.

This project also provides motivational and educational sessions for the participants - encouraging women to take on leadership roles within the community and to promote safe and happy home lives. Additional training sessions provided for the village included in home training management, livestock upkeep, social and legal protection, promotion of livelihood interventions and life skill education. This project will also focus on agricultural skills as well. 

This project is a huge undertaking but is looking to improve the life of so many families. If you wish to support our efforts in these disadvantaged villages, head on over to our 'make a difference' page or go directly to our goat sponsorship section! For as little as a once off donation of $50, you could be making a real change to these families - stop kidding around!

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