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creating brighter futures for children and adults in difficult circumstances

Give a Gift that keeps on giving

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Dare2Dream 2023 Annual General Meeting


COVID-19 is a global pandemic affecting communities worldwide - including the poorest in India. With little to no access to medical care and cramped conditions, these communities need assistance. Help us try and support those who need it the most. 

Click "View More" to see how Dare2Dream donations have been implemented to help the current ICID free ambulance and sanitation initiative in Nagpur, India.


Dare 2 Dream's vision is to make the dreams of a better future become a reality for disadvantaged children and adults


Our mission is to empower underpriviliged communities in the developing world and in Australia with the knowledge, skills and resources to improve the quality of life. 

ACNC Registered Charity Tick

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2023 President's Report

Read our President's Report to find out the ways the committee team work to fundraise for the children of Nagpur. 

Prohibition Gin Collaboration

Dare2Dream has collaborated with a bespoke local gin distillery to create a unique limited-edition product. Click here to find out more!

COVID-19 ICID Ambulance & Sanitation Service

See how the ICID team are helping to support the community of Nagpur as COVID cases run rampant across India. 

May 2023 Yuvajyothi Newsletter

Check out an update on what has been happening at the Yuva Jyothi home and how COVID-19 has been managed from the director of ICID, Herald D'Souza.

Rita dares to dream

Check out a recent article about our president, Rita Shepherd, on her continued charitable work and recent OAM.​

What's new

Urja Project - did you know?

Women are coonsidred one of the most disadvantaged groups in India as they lack socio-legal protection including education and health care. Learn more about how your money supports this project to combat this social disparity.

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